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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 9, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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rain will start into tomorrow morning. iit will intesnsify in the afternoon. an overwhelming number of cals to oakland police went unanswered. that was the situation during a 3 hour stretch last friday.
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have oakland compared to other cities similar in size. officers, cleveland has well over 1000 officers, both are well above what would be 77 for oakland. >>catherine: they may not have a lot of options. >> i spoke with those in the city council's in the those in city offices and they said, we are working at this. we're trying to get more officers this year and next year, they're making some progress but it is very slow. >>catherine: are other cities coming up with ways to deal with this?
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>>j.r.: tulsa, oklahoma had to lay off one-fifth of their department and then eventually inched their way back. when they did layoffs, they have to prioritize. that is the same thing that them as the search for a sierra lamar enters its fourth week, sheriff's investigators continue to follow-up on the latest of more than 1200 tips in the case. >> a father and daughter killed by an suv during a weekend bicycle outing.
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>> the drama in florida continues to unfold. >> facebook is purchasing instgram for $1 million. why is facebook doing is and what instgram users need to know.
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>>catherine: oakland police have made an arrest in the murder of charles the butler. someone opened in -- someone opened fire into his vehicle when he was driving home. his sisters were overcome with emotion.
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>> it has been for months since charles butler lost his life after being shot multiple times. it has been especially difficult for his sister. >> each day was a struggle. >> this is video of and each day after her brother was shot and killed. on christmas eve the family decided to donate his organs. coffee >> every part of him was given back to someone else. >> her tears have now been replaced with a this smile curate detectives notify the saturday, one day before easter, that an arrest was made in the brothers' case. detectives did not release the suspect's name of the family is hoping this will bring them closer to justice.
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>> the treyvon martin case has sparked outrage in debate across the country. investigators say the teenager was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer, zimmermann says it was self-defense. it is unclear yet if he will face charges. we have more on the latest developments. >> as calls for the rest of george zimmerman grow louder the special prosecutor has decided against sending the case to a grand jury. there to prosecutors working to determine if there is sufficient evidence to bring charges against zimmerman. clients are hoping for a very public trial. >> thousands of protesters
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have descended in sanford for calling for zimmerman the rest and criticizing how police have handled the case. college students marched 40 mi. from daytona beach to the stanford police station where demonstrators wearing hedy's blocked the main attorneys for zimmerman are cautioning people against jumping to conclusions. everyone wants to know what happened but we need to take a step back and allow the evidence to come out. >> a new study indicates that obese pregnant women are 67 percent more likely have autistic children
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compared to normal lead mothers without diabetes or high blood pressure. the research also shows there is a potential link between obesity and autism. on average, one in 88 children are born with autism. >>gabe: of to let me tell you a little bit about instgram. it is a folder sharing applications. it is like a picture based social network with some " built-in features were you can alter pictures before sharing it. it is a free application, about two years old. 30 million have downloaded it. it has been averaging 81, as a second share. it is a very popular in a growing quickly. one of facebook key features
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is soda sharing. by purchasing instgram facebook takes al and a possible competitor inconnus floater sharing technology to beef up and improve total sharing with the facebook mobile lab. for >> mark zuckerburg has said instgram will remain a separate company but eventually they will merge, a similar to google and youtube.
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>>jaqueline: increase in cloud cover throughout the day because of the storm that is approaching the coast line. into the 4:00 hour and the rain is approaching the north bay. by the time you head out the door moderate rain through a number of places. moderate rain through the north bay.
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in to the later evening hours the rain starts to turn into showers. >> later in this broadcast
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>> kiberlee sakamoto is here with a look at the babies. >> last week this was the scene and at city hall. here is the progression as each baby hatched. and then, the eggs hatched. the mom and dad had been busy hunting for food. in a few weeks, biologists will scale to the 18th ledge of city hall to determine the gender of the checks so that their whereabouts can be tracked for details on
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roles and how to enter the contest, visit our facebook fan page. an >>jaqueline: this evening, increasing cloud cover as the storm approaches. i will tell you when you will need your umbrella coming out. south
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>>catherine: is still ahead kron4 has more in the investigation of sierra lamar as the search enters its fourth week. >> the golden state warriors are eyeing a move across the bay. i will tell you where the warriors are moving and why the giants are not involved.
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>>kate: in san francisco officials just released a much anticipated dates to the close of the golden gate bridge from san francisco. roadway known to some is an oil drive and will be shut down in a little more than two weeks. drivers will need to find a different way to the bridge as demolition crews work over the week with huge hammers.
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the >> officials at oakland police headquarters are explain why on a friday night over 100 non-emergency calls for service went unanswered. >> priority 1 phone calls are the calls are concerned with. those are the 911 phone calls. >> @ oakland police headquarters, haaziq madyun, kron4 news. as >> and oakland witnesses say they heard a-10 gunshots, year you can see the broken down back windshield. the mother of four was shot
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in the back and now being treated at highland hospital. >> a father and daughter were killed while riding a bike. dan kerman spoke with people who are visiting the growing memorial in he has the latest on the investigation. >> the memorial for the victims in saturday's accident continues to grow. >> usually comes where i work at. and those in of the victims in passing cans honor them. >> it is a really big loss. >> it was really tough. i was tossing and turning all night. i could not sleep.
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>> i just got off of work right now. he was a really nice guy. >> this was the scene on saturday after an suv hit three bicyclist, killing two of them. and man and his nine year- old daughter was killed. it's all year-old daughter was injured. police say speeding is likely one of the causes. >> the damage to the individuals and the buildings indicate that steve was a factor. >> the driver was arrested for vehicular manslaughter and sutter than under the influence or using his cell phones. that information can take up to two weeks to get. because of that the case has not been turned over to the district attorney's office for review. it is likely that the suspect will be released sometime on tuesday and then, the decision to charge
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him will come sometime in the next week or two. >> the father of the 17 year-old held's to design the sets for the san francisco ballet. he has an older sister and the team is a well liked. one woman says the tragedy is difficult to deal with because she knows the team into the nine year-old victim. >> we know the little girl. it is pretty sad. >> she says she has lived here all her life and feels that for the parents of the 17 year-old. >> i grew up here and there
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have number of parents said was a baby. they are like family. it's i have not been over there yet this hists scientist was using settle down. it's >> the search for sierra lamar has entered its fourth with math. there is no new evidence that has turned up five as kron4's rob fladeboe reports, the case for does remain a 44 law enforcement and new tips keep coming in. >> where there is the ongoing publicity for the missing fliers in yellow ribbons around town, the number of tips continues to rise. >> it's called hundred and counting. >> right now it is a day-to- day operation in continues to be that way.
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as long as tips coming and the court does assess the zero markets will remain a top priority. >> we're looking at it as though she was a victim of a crime. we're hoping to get something in the near future. >> cardoso says any new official searches will likely be linked to information from the tips but could not say when the results tests would be complete.
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>> they are sticking better to evidence that could potentially be valid. >> volunteers can join a search by visiting the search command center. it is also where the family announced a $10,000 reward for information in that case.
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>>catherine: paul st. in san francisco can get rowdy at night and that is starting to bother some people. residents and bar owners met to talk about the noise and the crowd problems. >> the night live on the weekends is thriving but some neighbors said the crowds of people lingering outside late at night and early morning are too loud. meredith williams has lived on coldstream for years and says she was never good business is to succeed but that the noise is affecting her quality of life.
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monday afternoon neighbors and business owners met at the library to try to find a solution. among the suggestions or additional lights and cameras, bringing in more security in the staggering the closing time so that patrons are not forced outside all at once. >> we have six security guards on the outside of the building on friday and saturday. >> big changes on the way it overnight as we see a storm approaching the coast line.
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here is a wide view of the system. through the overnight hours the rain will start, we will see a light-model ranger most of the day, especially into the afternoon. the rain will finally take off late tuesday night. as for snow in this year the system will not reach the sierra until tuesday night, 11-midnight wednesday morning. >> a rockslide caused a mass
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>> at coming up, in one city in marin county, you can walk around all day with an open container but there is a catch. i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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>> the warriors could be headed to san francisco but not where people were initially thinking. there is a new push for an arena along the waterfront near pier 30 and 32. the chronicle reported that the warriors are exploring the possibility of setting up shop and this news comes less than a week after the giants announced plans to develop this mission bay area just south of at&t parks. there was talks of a potential basketball arena but it looks like that is not happening.
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>>stanley: this city of san rafael has had a problem with it a violent crimes and a 12 blog area known as the transit court area. this man on the floor is being arrested after attempting to steal a chicken from this store. when he was caught, he brandished a knife. when police searched him they also found a previous to get for him being drunk in public.
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this woman on the end is on probation. one of the conditions of her probation is no alcohol. after repeatedly saying she did not have any alcohol, she said there was an issued a ticket requiring her to see a judge. >>officer: i am citing year for violation of probation. if you are caught drinking again today, you're going to jail. >>stanley: you can walk around all day with an open container, the catch is, you just cannot drink it. this man was drinking in public but magically one- stop the container vanished. sort of. he managed to discard the unfinished for logo without missing a beat. he was issued a ticket for drinking in public. this guy was just about to roll a joint at the transit
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hub when he was approached by a police officer. when asked if he had marijuana on him he producing medical marijuana car fan and after coaxing he produced the actual marijuana. for the record, san rafael police will be out in force looking for anything that may contribute to the problems in the city.
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near the delta in the midnight hour the rain will taper off until wednesday morning. as for rainfall totals, we may be overestimating just a little bit. take a look near santa rosa, over an inch of rain. one-third of an inch of rain in san francisco. as a step through into the 5:00 hour the rain is that over three-quarters of an inch. here is a look at your extended forecast. rain in spotty showers. another round of rain thursday and friday. the good news is conditions will improve this weekend.
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clear skies and warm weather on tap. >>vern: barre's tivo, 113-6. it was working today in downtown denver. this is the rockies opener. almost 50,000 on hand. brendon crawford clears the
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bases, this broke the game wide open. this was the first shutout in nine years for the giants. >> and tommy moe loan holding it down. oakland a's were leading 1- nothing over the royals. the first three games in oakland, highlights are
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coming up. the the sharks are 0-4 this year.
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>>vern: the questions arose about his wife as lee geddes and the hit show missing. >> i think i am about three episodes ahead of you guys.
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>> bubble watson, masters champion. a newborn last week and a green jacket yesterday. >> i had a crazy shock that i got in my head and now i'm here talking to you with a green jacket on.
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vern burma the next shot for tiger woods is a san francisco in june. >> we're coming back with a warrior's performance and no one saw coming.
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costs this year
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>>vern: the warriors lost by 39.
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